Anniversary Pictures!

Well… “Anniversary Pictures” might be a loose term, considering our 1 yr anniversary was actually last March (you can read more about that here). That would make these our 1 yr & 7 month anniversary pics, but hey better late than never! The pictures turned out great and I am really excited to finally get to update some of our wedding pictures we have up in our home. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at our wedding pictures and remembering that amazing day, but I also want to look and see pictures of our every day normal life! I love the idea of taking yearly pictures, whether they are on our actual anniversary or not, and year by year look back and see how we have changed and what our thoughts were at that time.

Jade Ware, my best friend and the talent behind these photos, did an amazing job capturing not just great pictures but moments. The moments of joy and love that my husband and I share were definitely portrayed through these pictures! Here are some favorites 🙂

 Jones 1 Year_2

Jones 1 Year_3 Jones 1 Year_7Jones 1 Year_4 Jones 1 Year_5 Jones 1 Year_6Yeah, she is super talented! Fall is definitely my favorite season, as you all know I’m sure, and it happened to be a perfectly overcast and cool day which = what you see above.

Now while you may look at these pictures and say, “Aww how cute,” let me show you a few that truly represent Nick and I’s relationship…

Jones 1 Year_8 Jones 1 Year_9 Jones 1 Year_10

This is what life is for us. Goofy, full of joy and laughter, and sometimes a little messy. There is never a day that goes by that we don’t get to experience these things together. I love that Jade captured these moments, the ones that we can look at and say, “Yep, that’s definitely us.” It’s always easy to deceive through pictures; you put on a smile for the camera right after possibly having a moment of frustration because of a loose flying hair or misshapen scarf. These last pictures right here are the ones that capture what I love to look back on. They remind me of how beautiful God is and his design for marriage.

Jones 1 Year-Copyright-4167

I will say it again, a BIG thank you to Jade for using her God-given gifts and abilities. If you are in the area and looking for a sweet, godly and talented photographer, I urge you to contact her and enjoy the moments! 🙂

What are some fun stories or realizations you have from family photo sessions?? I’d love to know!

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