DIY Headboard

I LOVE looking at different DIY projects, but unfortunately I don’t really carve out the time to create them. My pinterest is filled with so many ideas that I would like to try one day. Over time I came across so many ideas for DIY headboards and I had to take action! Here is what you need:

  • Recalimed wood: My brother found some from an old chicken coup that was still in good condition, however you can buy it as well but might need to distress it if that is the look you are going for!
  • Wood cutting saw
  • Power sander
  • Two sawhorses
  • Power drill and screws
  • Wood stain (if you choose to, you might not need it depending on what color the wood is! We did one coat for ours in this semi-transparent grey)

My brother built the headboard for us; he is super talented at building and crafting things! He measured the wood pieces and cut them to the size we wanted. He took two posts and connected them with one post horizontally on the bottom, and nailed the actual pieces that made up the headboard vertically to the horizontal posts.

Here are some pics of us painting it and the finished product!

20150205_152429_resized 20150205_153252_resized

DIYheadboard DIYheadboard2

Good luck building yours! You can find tons of great tutorials at the Pinterest link at the top 🙂


    • March 19, 2015 / 7:19 pm

      It was so much fun! We had a couple days off from work, and my brother is so skilled at building. Good luck to you whenever you decide to take the plunge!! 🙂

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